Sargent Ponds, Tioga Point, and Death Falls - Solo weekend for Head on Lower Sargent with side trips to Tioga Point, Middle Sargent, Upper Sargent and Death Falls!.

Rock Climbing 2011-2012 - Two years worth of pullin' down with appearences by Lizard, Weasel, Lil' Kyd and Spongebobby..

Bear Lake and Bloodsucker Pond - A sick sled ride off from a couple of winter High Peaks.

Ferds Bog - Join Bugs and Head on a little jaunt into prime bird watching territory.



Denali National Park, Alaska: Part 1- The BirdHead crew heads into Denali NP for an trip into the headwaters of the Teklanika River. With 'Advanced Base Camp' set, the adventrue in the Alaskan backcountry begins...

Denali National Park, Alaska: Part 2- Two 'Expedition Teams' head out for the same landmark...The Alaska Range!

Denali National Park, Alaska: Part 3- Wildlife abound in the hike out of the Teklanika River Valley. 'Prospectors Pizza, Denali State Park, 'Rico Swampy', Head's 'Nightmare'

Denali National Park, Alaska: Part 4- The #1 Rated Hiking Trail in North America (according to Backpacker Magazine): The Kesugi Ridge Trail!


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 - The movie is 47 mins. total, and it's one of the best of all the BirdHead flix ever made!!!


Street and Nye - A sick sled ride off from a couple of winter High Peaks.

Sawteeth (Winter High Peak) - The BirdHead Gang and Weasel doing a beer commercial!


Bear Lake- A crazy ride, a new lean-to and some sweet scenery around Bear Lake. Also a mini episode of Adirondack Wildman with Bare Head!

Queer Lake- Lips and Head deviate from the normal path in on snowshoes to this odd body of water and strange lean to in this eccentric video.

Brook Trout Lake and Falls Pond- Join Bunzy, Bird, and Head on a mysterious trip into the Moose River Plains.

Otter Creek Horse Trails- Huntin' fer the big buck up in God's Country!

Independent River Horse Trails- A quick hike in horse country, and a trailer for the new BirdHead Video Series 'Adirondack Wildman"

Sand Lake Falls- The 'Birdy and Heady Show'. Full length kid's show!

Wilderness Lakes Trail- Nature hiking vs. Urban Hiking (AKA: Stillwater, Adirondacks vs. Tucson, AZ)

Sunday Lake Link, and Moshier Falls- Turkey Chase, Conspiracy Theories, and a BH change of heart.

Big Safford Pond Trail- Goose Pond, Big Safford Pond, West Lake Waterfalls and Bird's enexplainable sighting!

Stillwater Hikes (Beach Mills Pond Trail, Bill's Pond, Francis Lake)- A rainy day in the ADKs crossing the Independence River, Bill's Pond, and Francis Lake

Sunday Lake, Basketfactory Rd, and MacCarthy Rd- A nice lake and a couple of roads...thats about it.

Big Moose- Snake Pond, Billys Bald Spot, and Squash Pond will never be the same!

Woodhull Lake (Part 2)- The largest lean-to in the ADK's on a beautiful lake on a buggy day...

Rock Dam- The Shortest BirdHead Video...EVER!

Sagamore Cascade and Lake Loop - Meet the CEO of Mountain Bagger Sports and see how the well off folks do their hiking...

Gull Lake (w/ company) - Weird experiMENTAL dub vid at the'Impossible Impassable' trail end..

Razorback Pond - Bird builds a snowman amongst some beautiful winter scenery.

Gull and Russian Lakes - BirdHead Studios 10th Year Fund Raiser!

Remsen Falls - Bird's second video entitled 'Jersey Clucks Go Kayaking'..self explainatory.

Brandy Lake End-to-End- From one end of Brandy Lake to the other...frogs mating and a snapper!

Wilson Pond and Grass Pond- Into the Blue Mountain Lake Region on a chilly day to see a couple of gems!

Little Sister Lake and Andys Creek - Bird Head and Bunzo on a super stellar day bring you 'Bird Tent, Part 2' .

MacCauley Mountain Hunting - A hunt for 'Frankenbuck' on MaCauley Mtn, Old Forge, NY.

Woodhull - Head explores Woodhull Lake, Woodhull Mountain and Remsen Falls.

Cascade Lake - Head heads in for some early spring action at the falls!!!

Brandy Lake/ Round Pond - Bird and Head brave the elements to bring you some thunderstorm footage!

Chub Pond - The Birdhead Boyz bring you some footage from a couple of cool lean to

Gull Lake - Bird heads into loon-land for some swweet summertime footy!

JBT Gull Lake - Bird and Head hike long and far for some video from a cool little gem!

Middle Branch/Settlement - Bird and Head scout for some rock and find some killer hikin'!

Stewart Lake - Bird and Head stroll in the Southern swath and stumble upon Stu Lake!

Panther Pond - Bird, Head, Bunzo, and Cairn let loose at the Lean-to

Bald Mountain - A spring hike up an ADK classic with the Head...

Bear Mountain - Lil' Turkey's (Head's daughter) 1st hike :)

Black Bear Mountain - A fantastic fall solo hike by the Head...

Blue Ridge Mountain - Bushwhack with the Kid, Bird and Head. Tree humping, Bird's pet butterfly, busting 'chops'...

Castle Rock - A spring jaunt up the Rock overlooking Blue Mountain Lake...

Cathedral Pines - The shortest trip in the ADK's (.1 mile) to some HUUUGGGGGEEE pines!

Chimney Mountain - Kid and Head climb the chimney, and spelunk!

Eagle Cliffs - A spring walk up a little known lookout in Eagle Bay.

Gore Mountain - Gory things happen on our backwards hike up Gore! :O

Hurricaine Mountain - 20 below zero on top but the Kid and Head bring you views from this most excellent peak...

MacCauley Mountain - The tourist trap...made fun :)

MacNaughton - A total BUGOUT! Blackflies almost kill the Bird and the Head... :(

Moose River Mountain - An early winter hike near Old Forge.

Mount Jo - Buglegs, The German, Weasel, and Head CLIMB one of the most popular small peaks in the High Peaks.

Pilsbury Mountain - Bird hikes on one leg, Head kills Bin Laden, and a hyena that is afraid of heights!

Snowy Mountain - The Narcoleptic sleeps for most of the trip...

Vanderwhacker Mountain - Bird loses his glasses, a botany lesson from Weasel, and the Narcoleptic smokin' a cigar! :O

Wakely Mountain - A great day for a climb...a steep climb....a REEEAALY steep climb!



9 Corners - Babyteeth - Head's problem

9 Corners - 2 FA's - Weasel puts up 'Creeping Death' and 'High Pressure Protein Facial'.

9 Corners- 3 Onsights - Weasel sends 'Andrugen', Reckless Endangerment', and 'A-Bomb Battles the Pink B-Bots'.

9 Corners - Nicks Cracked Cranium - Bird and Head send thier first boulder problem...

Rock Climbing

Moss Island - GI Joe, Mean Gene, Bird and Head on 'Goat Crack', 'Tumbleweed', and 'Jeff Loves Eileen'.

Echo and Good Luck Cliffs - Weasel and Head on 'Yax Tracks' and 'Lady Luck'.

Beer Walls - Bugs, Weasel and Head on 'Live Free Or Die', '3.2' and 'Bouncer'

Barkeater Cliffs and Moss Island - A year of climbing in one 5 min video!


Chimney Mountain - Eagle Cave - The first known video documentary of the largest cave system in the ADK's!


eXtremeSledding 09' - Our Mad River Rocket Commercial...GET ON YOUR KNEES!

Barto and Kane - Some rad footage from BirdHead Gravity Research on our Mad River Rockets!

Whiteface - GI Joe sleds down the icey auto road on a warm 60 degree Febrauary!

Esther - A winter rainbow, a sled ride close up and personal, and Weasel's 45th High Peak.


Slacklining - Bird and Head try their luck slacklining!!!

Mountain Biking

Blackfly Challenge 2011- BirdHead East does the Blackfly! Follow Head, Kyd, Bunzo and Lips 40 miles though the Moose River Plains (or at least see the beginning and post-race festivities) What a blast!

Mountain Bike Downhill - A rad ride on single track in Head's backyard!

Head Camp - Bird and Head rip it up on the 'Camp' downhill trail and Bird busts out some freestyle!

Snowmobile Wreck - Bird wraps his brother-in-law's sled around a tree!


Katahdin, Baxter Peak 5,268 - Bird and Head's favorite peak in the NorthEast! Knife Edge, Pamola, Chimney, etc...

Katahdin, Hamlin Peak 4,756 - Sunset nears as we top out at 'Golden Hour'!

Sugarloaf 4,250 - Ski machinery, towers, junk, and a haunted building!

Old Speck 4,170 - A couple of old farts shuffle up to the summit.

Crocker 4,228 - Head's 'Frogidile Hunter' spoof...

Bigelow, West Peak 4,145 - A 'clean' trip...literally!

North Brother 4,151 - #115 for the Birdman and Fat Head! PATCH! YESSSSSSSSSSIIIIIRRRRRRRR!

Saddleback 4,120 - Piazza Rock, above treeline, doesn't get much better!

Bigelow, Avery Peak 4,090 - Our 'Bird Man' (Grizzly Man spoof)...2 thumbs up!! :p

Mount Abraham 4,050 - Team Vicodin has a painfree stroll in the woods... :)

Saddleback, The Horn 4,041 - Bird and Head toot thier horns in this bugged out vid...

South Crocker 4,050 - Coorporate Sponsers thanked by the BirdHead Boyz :p

Mount Redington 4,010 - A couple of chicks talk about chick stuff and then get in a cat fight! >;)

Spaulding 4,010 - We eat a nasty fungus and end up doing a 'Blind' hike... :O


Mount Adams 5,774 - Sam Adams brewski commercial.

Mount Bond 4,698 - S.A. and a beat Head at sunset on the peak...

Bondcliff 4,265 - A classic N.H. hike with S.A. and Head.

Mount Bond, West Peak 4,540 - Super Bond Bond S.A.!

Mount Cabot 4,170 - The Sleepwalk hike... ZzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

Cannon Mountain 4,100 - Sledding off the midnight! :O :O

Mount Carrigain 4,700 - Jamie of the North's 48th shindig on the summit and Ranger Dick!

Carter Dome 4,832 - An old flicker from BirdHead Silent Theatre!

Carter, Middle 4,610 - BirdHead Comics with talking heads and a classic BH feel!

Carter, South 4,430 - Bird, Head, and ex-President Jimmy Carter!

Mount Eisenhower 4,780 - A funky cool vid on a funky cool peak!

Mount Field 4,340 - Bird training his sled hyena and an interview with Buglegs.

Mount Flume 4,328 - A crow catches a thermal and some great views!

Galehead 4,024 - Galehead Hut and and Galehead Peak...

Mount Garfield 4,500 - "It's videeo wurthee Bud!" -Kid

Mount Hale 4,054 - Dr. Suess hippie spoof...

Mount Hancock 4,420 - Han-Cock :p...

Mount Hancock, South Peak 4,319 - Blow up bear attack and Bird sawing em' off.

Mount Isolation 4,004 - Great Gulf Wilderness Ghost sighting! :O

Mount Jackson 4,052 - Some nightfall footage of the Lower Presidentials!

Mount Jefferson 5,712 - Ranger Dick hands out tickets! >:(

Mount Kinsman, North Peak 4,293 - Some bizzare footage ('Jacob's Ladder' Style!)

Mount Kinsman, South Peak 4,358 - Birdnose the Pirate and Head military presses 6000 pound rock!

Mount Lafayette 5,260 - Some good tunes and even better views! A Head top 10 favorite!

Mount Liberty 4,459 - A sunset on a summit and Bird's tuna can Noah John stove!

Mount Lincoln 5,089 - A funky cool vid with great scenery dedicated to da Kid!

Mount Madison 5,367 - #48 for Bird and Head! A sick rainstorm and high winds on the adventure of a lifetime!

Mount Monroe 5,384 - Testing flatulence's environmental impact, chillin at 'Lake of the Crowds' hut and summit footage.

Mount Moosilauke 4,802 - Trash pick up and hook ups!

Mount Moriah 4,049 - Our evil bunnyNip Nip vs. Al Queda! A must see!!!

Mount Osceola 4,340 - Bird and Head represent on Osceola, word to the mofo G!!

Mount Osceola, East Peak 4,156 - The killer bunny attacks!

Owl's Head 4,025 - Head sawing em' off, the masked Mooks, a fro, blinding sunshine, and fun at Franconia Falls!

Mount Passaconaway 4,043 - Pass the time away with a chill vid on Passaconaway!

Mount Pierce [Clinton] 4,310 - Bird and Head having problems staying on their feet...

Mount Tecumseh 4,003 - Bird's cousin craps on him and EXTREME rolling down the ski slopes! :O

Mount Tom 4,051 - Tom is everywhere on Tom!

Mount Tripyramid, Middle Peak 4,140 - Portal transportation to far away places... :O

Mount Tripyramid, North Peak 4,180 - "Trippy far out video man!" - a bugged out hippie...

Mount Twin, North Peak 4,761 - Bird and Head's twins, 'Ferd & Fred', are along for the trip of their lives!

Mount Twin, South Peak 4,902 - Some summit film...

Mount Washington 6,288 - Bird and Head fight the crowds at the highest point in New Hampshire! B I N G O

Mount Waumbek 4,006 - Bird pogos up, catches Buck Fever, and then catches a bird with Head!

Mount Whiteface 4,020 - Is it a Bigfoot?Is it the Monster of the North Woods?? Click to find out! :O

Mount Wildcat 4,422 - A big shout out for our Alma Mater!

Mount Wildcat, "D" Peak 4,070 - Backwater hicks 'Bobby and Dewey' on a redneck walk in the woods!

Mount Willey 4,285 - Bugs, Bird, and Head confuse the name of this one and see Wiley Coyote on the peak!

Zealand Mountain 4,260 - Uhhhmmm....It's Zealand...What can we say??? :/


Mount Abraham 4,006 - Like, hippies would love this one, man! It's groovy! :)

Camels Hump 4,083 - The Best Peak in summer and in winter!

Mount Ellen 4,083 - The Mt Ellen Horror, ski lift tower climb, and a rainbow!

Killington 4,235 - Rock climber behind the Long Trail Inn, the cabins on the way up, and the top!

Mount Mansfield 4,393 - The Kid is interviewed about being 'pack-jacked' and a socked-in summit...

CATSKILL 3500 FOOTERS (Downstate New York)

Slide 4,180 - Summer and Winter footage as well as our Catskill 3500 finish! YESSIRR!! :)

Hunter 4,040 - A couple of nerds in a firetower!

Black Dome 3,980 - Kid does MJ imitation, spells, finds lost objects, picks his nose, and balances on one leg!

Blackhead 3,940 - Kid imitates Bird's German momma, does his 'nature', and finds a snake!

Thomas Cole 3,940 - Bird stuffs his beak on this peak...

West Kill 3,880 - Bird's sock oven, and Buck Ridge...

Graham 3,868 - The Graham Diet.

Cornell 3,860 - Head is interviewed after 'toughest bushwhack ever'!

Doubletop 3,860 - The Get Lost Diet.

Table 3,847 - Pack weigh-ins, a log bridge crossing, snow, sunset at a lean-to, and MBS Tables

Peekamoose 3,843 - A peek at a moose!?!

Plateau 3,840 - Bird's guitar solo...

Sugarloaf 3,800 - A patriotic hike up a spectacular peak...

Wittenberg 3,780 - 70 degrees in Nov! On the best peak in the Catskills! Now thats a good day! :)

South West Hunter 3,740 - Kid? Lost? Nerds? Click to find out!

Lone 3,721 - A LONEly trip!

Balsam Lake 3,720 - The Giardia Diet.

Panther 3,720 - Yo! Checkity check out dis' bomb ass clip, yo!

Big Inidan 3,700 - The Death March Diet. :(

Friday 3,694 - A funky campfire, a funkier sunrise, and a tough 'whack!

Rusk 3,680 - Dorks, nerds, a monkey and a snake!

Kaaterskill High Peak 3,655 - Caffeine drinks vs. water :)

Twin 3,640 - The natural lean-to, and some great views...

Balsam Cap 3,623 - Uhhhmmmmmm.... It's different!

Fir 3,620 - Best lean-to in the Catskills, a mushroom drum, a natural trampoline, and stinging nettles!

North Dome 3,610 - A BAD day and a brawl on the summit! >:(

Balsam 3,600 - A couple of 'Jerkys'.

Bearpen 3,600 - Deliverance 2...

Eagle 3,600 - The Bear Bag Diet.

Indian Head 3,573 - The great ADK Indian Hea....opps wrong Indian Head :P

Sherrill 3,540 - A GREAT day and lots of positive vibes :)

Vly 3,529 - A BH Hardhat Demonstration...what NOT to do in the woods!

Windham High Peak 3,524 - Head's Ballad for Buglegs :)

Halcott 3,520 - Rambo, The Heimlich Maneuver, and a lost Kid!

Rocky 3,508 - Bird and Head go a few rounds on the summit! :O

ADIRONDACK 46 HIGH PEAKS (Northern New York)

Algonquin 5,114 - Head's fav of the 46. Buglegs (Head's wife), Weasel and Head go from winter to summer on this one!

Allen 4,340 - Philpetepaulart joins Buglegs, Bird, and Head on a classic 'whack in the Dacks.

Armstrong 4,400 - Buglegs, Bunzo, Birdo and Head arrive on top just in time for a show at sunset!

Basin 4,827 - Buglegs, S.A., and Head catch some rays (yep...the sun was out!) and some great views!

Big Slide 4,240 - Over the Brothers and up the slide, to the top Bugs, Ms. X, S.A, Bird, and Heado go!

Blake 3,960 - Buglegs, Weasel, Bird and Head get a lesson on skeeters from the Birdman.

Cascade 4,098 - Buglegs, S.A., Head, Mrs. Lawstone, and Bunzo on an ultralight backpacking adventure.

Cliff 3,960 - Buglegs, Jim Beam, Bird and Head greet a 46r finishing on his last one...

Colden 4,714 - Bugs, Bird and Head become 46r's on this peak! With Weasel and a snowstorm, this one is a classic!

Colvin 4,057 - Buglegs, Bird and Head watch a Weasel take a dip and see the incredible Indian Head.

Couchsachraga 3,820 - Bugs' Chinese fortune materializes before Weasel and Head's eyes!

Dial 4,020 - Buglegs, Phobia (Head's bro), Bird and Head view the devastation on Noonmark on our way out from this trip.

Dix 4,857 - Abundant views and a crawling Bird accompany Bugs, Weasel and Head on this one.

Donaldson 4,140 - Buglegs, Weasel and Head take a lesson from Bird on proper raingear for inclement weather.

East Dix 4,012 - Buglegs, Weasel and Head on a stellar 5 peak daytrip with Jim.

Emmons 4,040 - Buglegs, Weasel, Bird, and Head get wet with Old Mill Water and rain!

Esther 4,240 - Bugs, Bunzo, Birdo and Head get to the peak fast!

Giant 4,627 - Bugs, Weasel, Ms.Y, Bird and Head. Pop Tarts? Rage? Click to find out!

Gothics 4,736 - A spiritual walk on a mountaintop with Bunzo, Buglegs, Bird and Head.

Gray 4,840 - Bugs and Head see 'Pink' on Gray!

Haystack 4,960 - A leaky Camelback ='s wet boots! :(

Hough 4,400 - Bugs, Weasel and Head see Mr. Beam on Hough...

Iroquois 4,840 - Excellent views accompany Buglegs, Weasel and Head on this spring day in the peaks.

Lower Wolf Jaw 4,175 - Bunzo tests his ultralite raingear on this trip over the lower Great Range.

Macomb 4,405 - Follow Bugs, Weasel, and Head up the Macomb Slide and beyond...

Marcy 5,344 - A brazen red squirrel, Indian Falls, and the top of N.Y. State!

Marshall 4,360 - A night hike, Wallface (up close), and Bird's busted camcorder are just the beginning of this trip!

Nippletop 4,620 - An estatic Buglegs on Indian Head, and cigarette tricks with Phobia and Bird!

Nye 3,895 - Fat Lips' first trip to the High Peaks and he gets stung by hornets...bummer :(

Panther 4,442 - 'Wog Lalking' with Bugs, and 'mud boot' in the Santanoni Range.

Phelps 4,161 - A vivid sunset atop an Adirondack High Peak with Bugs and Head.

Porter 4,059 - Phobia conquers his fears of heights!

Redfield 4,606 - Our 1st hike after 9/11...A somber time but much needed return to nature.

Rocky Peak Ridge 4,420 - Bugs and Head dodge an electrical storm to bring you footage!

Saddleback 4,515 - A rare interview with Bugs on top of the steep side!

Santanoni 4,607 - Bugs, Weasel and Head on a 97 degree day tackle the Range!

Sawteeth 4,100 - Bunzo bounces and a 15 second stay on the summit!

South Dix 4,060 - Weasel shows some love for Mr. Beam :P

Seward 4,361 - The BirdHead Crew brace for the storm.

Seymour 4,120 - Bird's double backpack, and 'Golden Hour' up top.

Skylight 4,926 - Bugs, bugs and more bugs...ceremonial stone on a big ass cairn.

Street 4,166 - Hicks with views. Erly Grace style.

Tabletop 4,427 - A romp in the woods with Bugs-n-Head!

Upper Wolf Jaw 4,185 - A weird light follows that fat Head!

Whiteface 4,867 - S.A. in the dog house, an engulfing cloud, and the summit!

Wright 4,580 - Buglegs and Head's 1st 4000'r!


Mount Shuksan, WA - Bird goes West! The jewel of the Cascades, Mt Shuksan, Utica Club and a rubber raft...

Pima Saddle - Bird arrives at sunset on Pima near Tucson, AZ!!!

Xtreme Salame - Bird and Kid cliff jumpin' near Salame, AZ!!!

BirdHeadWest - Bird and Kidt with a Salado Indian Ruins vid from Salome, AZ!!!

BirdHead RAVERS - Tripped out techno vid by the Birdman...

Deer Leap, VT - Party in Woodstock and a cool craggy summit...

Guyot, NH - Run to the Hills!!!

Overlook, NY (Catskills) - SCARY Halloween video from the Old Hotel on Overlook... :O


North Benson to Piseco Lake - Bugs shows up with cornrows, Head torches his undies, and the term Adiraindacks is born!

Piseco Lake to Wakely Dam - Kid gets his ass kicked by the bearbag, the Cedar Lake lean-to-my-left-to, and C Lake Monster!

Wakely Dam to Blue Mountain - Head does this section solo...

Blue Mountain to Long Lake - A chilly late fall day on the NP. The superlong boardwalk in superfast motion!

Long Lake to Lake Placid - GI Joe joins the Kid & Head for 3 days of rain and fun! Fishin', skeeter explosion, and a Kid breakdown all lead to the end of the trail!


Melting Man - Summer solstice 2010...will the snow stay or go??? Watch and find out!

New Zealand 'Old Cars in Snow Storm' - Birds NZ trip. Old cars on the highway while driving in a snowstorm!

Bud Commercial - Whazzzzzzuppppppp!!!! ADK Style :)

Bug Commercial -'Bug Your Buddy' bug spray. An ingenious idea from the minds at BirdHead Studios...

Early Bird - A ticked off Bird...He's definately not an early Bird.

Camping Essentials by Weasel - Old School BirdHead. Weasel demonstrates the things not to do while camping...