Story 1: 1st Allen Attempt Posting: Some Sympathy Posting: A Little Philosophy for ya
Story 2: Guided by Stu Story 8: Meets Giant Rabbit Posting: Ha Ha Ha
Response: Rolex Lost Response: Giant Bunnies Buddy Posting: Soon Enough, My Friend
Story 3: Bear Scare Posting: Richard Fires 'em up Story 12: The Bad Trip
Response: Harder than he thought Story 9: Torpedoed Story 13: Air Sharks
Posting: Dick Busted Story 10: Berned Posting: It Will, We Hope
Story 4: Bever Fever Posting: The Cover is Blown Story 14: Busted by a Ranger
Story 5: Lost Camp Story 11: The Catamount Story 15: A. Ken Kraneum on Allen
Story 6: Stu's Allen Attempt Response: Is it a Hoax Story 16: Allen Can Wait
Response: Dick's 1st Date Posting: Take it Easy Buddy Story 17: The End?!?
Story 7: Bum Freeze Posting: Rock on Bro