Allen Can Wait

Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 8/27/01

Conditions: great...! still some blowdown but very manageable. Some glass but i picked all of that up.

Special Required Equipment: trip ticket (legal this time!!), shaman ritual guide, healing crystals and medicinal herbs.

Comments: considering my past experiences on allen, i figured that i would study up on ancient healing techniques before heading out
this time just in case. good thing i did!! near the

summit as i came upon the falls on allen brook, i found an old man. he was lying in a pile of glass and was soaked with blood and urine. poor old guy!!
he was still breathing, so i immediately utilized my now honed skills of shaman healing and brought the old fella to his senses. from what i gathered, he came across some guy named stu who was hunting deer illegally. stu became angry and bashed the old guy over the head with a whiskey bottle and left him for dead! what an a-hole!!!!!!!!! now allens summit meant little to me. the only importance to me was to bring this man to safety. as we neared the parking area, i felt a great sense of peace. the ambulance picked up the elderly gent and the emt said that he'd be o.k. :) i began to pack in my gear when IT came to's society is of the mindset that personal
achievements are more important than helping out mankind...i'm GLAD i turned around instead of summitting! where's the love these days??? (and stu...if i ever find you, i'll tear you limb from limb you bastard!)

Submitted by: richard bern