The Bad Trip

Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 5/31-6/2

Conditions: starting to get green again. sandy and strange near the top...???

Special Required Equipment: an edible mushroom book...and food! lots of it!!

Comments: after months of research on the internet, i felt that i've acquired a broad knowledge on the adirondack's edible plants. feeling extremely confident (this time), i set out to conquer allen and eat vegetation as a

means of survival. leaving all of my precious mountain house meals and metrx bars behind. the fat of the land was calling...heading towards skylight brook, i found a patch of dandelions which i boiled into a tasty soup. later that evening, after pitching camp, i looked high and low for edible plants to no avail...until i found what i believed to be an edible bark. i threw it onto the spicket over the open fire and bar-b-qed it. i choked it down and went to bed. waking up hungry, the next morning, i started my hike up the northwest side of allen. it was then i found the mother load of the most colorful coprinus comatus mushrooms. i could only eat a few because they gave me the chills and made me feel nauseous. after some time passed ??? , the trees melted to sand and mountains morphed into was then that a large yellow feathered bird swooped down and picked me up by my head! i awoke the next morning near a gas station in the town of newcomb...what a horrifying trip!

Submitted by: richard bern