The Catamount

Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 5/4/01

Conditions: muddy up until my encounter!!

Special Required Equipment: cat nip, and a good pair of running shoes!!

Comments: after a long break from hiking, allen was in my sights once again. the day was gorgeous and i was feeling very lucky. an hour later , i stumbbled upon something unique...i'd found what i believed to be tracks laid by a mountain lion!! luckily i had brought my MBS

Animal Track Plaster Kit and molded the perfect paw prints!! continuing towards allen's summit, i stepped on another interesting specimen... CAT SCAT!! i scraped it off from the tread of my boot and put it into a plastic baggy!! what a great day, but it was to only to get better!! about 1 mile up the trail, i heard a ruckus i looked up, there it stood..not 30 yards in front of me...a big cat with a hare in it's mouth!! luckily i had my digital camera. i then proceeded to snap picture after picture of the magnificent creature....i had proof, once and for all that the big cat does reside in these great woods...that is, until it spotted me and let out a blood curtling screech which made the hair on my back stand on end!! i dropped everything and did not stop running until i reached my Land Rover. luckily, i made it back alive...UNLUCKILY, ALL OF MY PROOF LIES SOMEWHERE ON ALLEN...GUARDED BY THE CATAMOUNT!!

Submitted by: richard bern