Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 3/19/01
Conditions: wintery,mild and white
Special Required Equipment: snowshoes, fire resistant tent, fireproof sleeping bag, and fire extinguisher

Comments: determined to summit allen, i tried to follow pin-pins bunny tracks but found myself unable. i tried an alternate route by heading south over skylight (which was not a smart move on my part...i fell into spruce traps so deep that i had to climb the trees to get

out!!) after a few long hours of that, i decided to set my camp up in the col. i prepared for bed, i thought of an ingenious plan to warm my sleeping bag ( or so i thought! ! !)by hanging the sleeping bag from a tree and lighting my stove underneath the opening. as i was hanging my bearbag , i heard a branch snap, and turned to see my entire camp going up in flames. luckily i managed to save my mbs backpack and made it out in one piece. ..with the ashes of my camp in a stuff sack (at least my load was lighter on the way out) i'll be back again allen! ! ! ! ! ! !

Submitted by: richard bern