Trail: tabletop

Date Hiked: 1/13/01

Conditions: hard packed up to indian falls, then herd path to summit was broken but ran into some powder near summit...lots of spruce traps. no ice. no blowdown.

Special Required Equipment: good waterproof florecent outergear, snowshoes (once off the beaten path), bells around your neck (as a warning system),and a helmet.

Comments: as i was heading up the

neverending trail to tabletop (for allen training) i heard something coming down the trail(less) at breakneck speed. before i could react i was hit by 2 torpedos! ! it turned out that these "torpedos" were actually superfast black sleds piloted by two crazy guys, one with a big nose and the other with a big head. the first sled knocked me down and the second ran over me! when all of the snow cleared, i was helped back to my feet by the two sledders who introduced themselves as bird and head. at that point i no longer had the desire to finish tabletop so i hitched a ride back to the phelps junction on the back of heads sled. i looked all over for one of these "torpedos" once i returned home, but couldn't find one in the entire city of ny! ! does anyone know where i can get my hands on a torpedo?

Submitted by: richard bern