Richard Fires 'Em Up!

does this guy really exist? from all his postings,(views from the top) he should stay away from the mtns, I don't want to have to go find his body under some blowdown! He lost his cellphone, watch,gps,his "guide",then the watch was
hanging in a tree, then he does not have it,he went to Calamity Brook trail
and then to allen? Then the logistics of coming up from NYC to climb? I don't believe it, and what a waste of time on a great website!

get real. nick has, tongue in cheek, enlightened us that you can't take the
mountains for granted. who cares that we would or wouldn't want this guy in
the high peaks. yes its nice to exercise etiquette on a "great website" but I for one have had fun following the exploits of my good ole cousin dick this past summer. its performance art ( albeit sloppy at times )in a new medium. Who knows where this could go-although I would hope it would be quasi non-
fiction in good taste. richard bern has a touch of wc fields in him and has
suckered a few of us! happy trails

hey, i saw some guys and girls (seriously! ! !) doing colvin and blake yesterday
with "have you seen richard bern?" t-shirts on. the shirts were funny as hell!