Meets Giant Rabbit

Trail: tabletop

Date Hiked: 12/20/00

Conditions: easy going through powder with snowshoes to summit. ...hard to stay on trail without my gps. (been working on my map and compass skills:)

Special Required Equipment: a pen that writes in cold weather conditions. snowshoes. battery operated glove warmers.

Comments: i did tabletop as training for my attempt at the elusive allen mt. still feeling a little under the weather from the ill fated

bridge crossing at lake jimmy, i gathered up the nerve and the remains of my physical strength to pull this one off. upon arriving at the summit, i found the canister pen to be frozen solid. paNICKing, i pulled out my trusty zippo lighter but found it to be out of fluid. heartbroken, i sat by the canister, when i heard some thumping coming up through the pines. the first thing that came to focus was a bunny. carrying the hare was a fellow bearing a pink pen. (i'm not positive, but his name was something like pan-pan or pen-pen or pon-pon or pun-pun...i don't know but thanks alot for the use of your pen pal!)

Submitted by: richard bern