Bum Freeze

Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 12/2/00

Conditions: light snow and slick log and bridge crossings. chilly.

Special Required Equipment: some rock salt to sprinkle on icey bridges! ! ! dry change of clothes. floatation device! !

Comments: hiked in early via lake jimmy and sally. (cough- cough!) made it as far as the lake jimmy bridge. did not realize that wood could be so slick when ice covered! took a swim this morning!! boy that water is cold come

December.. (cough- hack! !) just about froze my keister off! luckily the water
wasnt too deep, for i was able to pull myself out. i didnt realize how hard hiking is when your clothes are frozen stiff!! (hack-cough! !) cant wait to tackle allen again once i get over my pneumonia...doc said i scarred my lungs on this one! !

Submitted by: richard bern