Lost Camp

Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 9/16/00

Conditions: went up the Calamity Brook Trail, down by hanging spear falls, up through the blowdown between twin brook and skylight brook... lost my camp!!!!!!!!!! had to leave early.. never did summit!!!! (gave up this year on allen...) but i did find my rolex!!!!!!!)..some good samaritian hung it in plain view ...thanks!!!!

Special Required Equipment: more time in the summer......... spent a good day searching for my camp..spent a good night in the woods. ..thank god for bivey sacks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comments: to annethefossil. ..my only internet access comes while putting in my hours at my place of employment...(i know, i know...i should be working!!). the company that i am employed for strictly enforces a rule forbidding employees to have their own email address on the company's computer . therefore the only way to contact me is via "snail-mail"address which was posted earlier sorry! and to the adkhiker. ...sorry your trips to the peaks are so uneventful!!

Submitted by: richard "hate allen" bern