Bear Scare

Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 8/10-13/00

Conditions: muddy, blowdowns everywhere (thick! and unavoidable)

Special Required Equipment: a good bearproof canister!!!!!!!

Comments: took inge's advice and went in from elk lake. turning back this time bought new top of the line gps and had alIens longitude and latitude punched in. got within 3 miles of the summit when i turned my ankle!! spent 2 nights in the middle of nowhere. on

night number 2, i heard some rustling outside my tent and peeked out a bear was tearing my bearbag to shreds (boy the bears up here are big. ..this one
had to be 5 foot while standing on its hind legs!!!!). took all of my food...all of it!! had to hobble for 12 hours to get back to the trail and then another 8 hours back to the car. no more solo trips for me. i hate allen!!! glad to be back in nyc once again. never found my rolex. guess im going to have to buy a
good bear container now...

Submitted by: richard bern