Guided by Stu

Trail: allen

Date Hiked: 7/22/00

Conditions: muddy trail as far as i got spent $100 on a guide (john know who you are!!!!) he got me lost!!! didnt reach summit again...crawling under and over blowdown for miles. ..never did find the herd path.

Special Required Equipment: a guide who knows what the hell he is doing!!! a skidder to make a new herd path.

Comments: unfortunately i lost my watch,if anyone can find it (it's a rolex (gold with the initials n.b. engraved on it))please contact me at 8335 west 66th st, new york, ny 10130, did find my cell trampled into the mud..doesnt work now. dont think i'll be back again soon...i'm sick of hiking.

Submitted by: richard bern