First Allen Attempt
Trail: allen

Date: 7/15/00

Conditions: oh my god!! don't even bother!!! blowdown so bad it looked like mount saint helens ..... the day after!! broke two bow saws trying to get through that mess. (recent lumbering made it that much easier to get lost. bugs ate us alive!! still swollen broke my gps on the way up and lost my cell phone!!!! didn't make it to the top.. (6th attempt) don't think there is an allen mt. up here..don't think I'll be a 46r after all. glad to get back to NYC after that mess!

Special Required Equipment: waterproof boots, chainsaws, gps, cell phone (for emergency) bear mace, bug nets, gaiters, digital camera (if you can summit), laptop with detailed topo maps and self heating food packs.

Comments: my dream has been to be a 46r for many years now, but allen keeps eluding me!! "i am feeling too bad to continue mountain climbing" as quoted by ben in 'exploring the 46 adirondack high peaks

Submitted by: richard bern